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    VMware VAAI, VVOL, VASA 2.0 support

    Peter Kiertzner Newbie



      What features is supported for VMware 6.0 storage features in production environment?




      Feature        Supported






      Atomic Test & Set (ATS)



      Clone Blocks/Full Copy/XCOPY



      Zero Blocks/Write Same



      Thin Provisioning



      Block Delete






      VASA 2.0





        • Re: VMware VAAI, VVOL, VASA 2.0 support
          Nick Dyer Navigator

          Hi Peter.


          As of NimbleOS 2.3, all VAAI primitives except for XCOPY is supported (this will change next year).


          VVOL support with VASA 2.0 is currently in "tech preview" mode in NimbleOS 2.3, mostly due to a few caveats within the VVOL architecture right now - one of them being that VMware does not support replication of VVOLs, making DR impossible. Expect this to change in 2016. If you're interested, I'll be running a VVOL & Nimble Storage webinar in EMEA in mid-January (look for a link soon - i'll post it up on the forum too).


          The final thing which you've missed off your chart are "SATP and MPIO enhancements with vendor Pluggable Storage Architecture integration". We offer a PSP (free of charge, too!) to install within the ESXi environment which auto-configures and tunes SATP and MPIO for best practices for, with no need of scripting or manual intervention required. This is supported for both FC and iSCSI environments in a single PSP install.