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Can't encrypt existing volumes?

Question asked by Jack Ingram on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by Tony Lux

So just upgraded to 2.3.9 as we were very excited about encryption at rest. After stumbling around and finding no way to turn it on for existing volumes, we visited the help docs and there it was at the bottom:


Note: Volumes that were created in Nimble versions earlier than version 2.3.x are not encrypted and cannot be edited to be encrypted. The encryption state specified when creating a volume cannot be changed for the life of that volume.

This seems incredibly short sighted by the dev team. I shouldn't need to clone full volumes or rearchitect things just to get encryption on existing volumes in production. Is this a feature that is coming or are we screwed and need to plan on dealing with migrating data to newly encrypted volumes and all of the pain that potentially entails?