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Which vmdk after volume restore

Question asked by Vlad Valeriu Velciu on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2015 by Vlad Valeriu Velciu

I have a simple question that had me scratching my head the whole day and I need some help with.


Say you want to restore a file from a vm that was residing on a volume protected by nimbles synched snapshots.


When cloning the snapshot and mounting it I, in the vm folder, I see 2 extra vmdks for each of the original ones. Say the VM had a vmdk named test.vmdk, then the mounted snapshot clone has test.vmdk, test-000001.vmdk and test-000002.vmdk. The same thing happens if you manually snapshot the vm using vcenter and checking quiesce guest file system.


So my question is: If I don't want to import the vm into inventory and just want to add the vmdk to another vm, which vmdk should I choose? Which is the vmdk that has the quiesced and commited writes?


Thank you