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Nimble+KVM+New Linux Kernels

Question asked by Adam Boyhan on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by Finnur Gudmundsson

Hey everyone!  New to nimble, we just got two CS300's a few months ago.  We are looking to run them in a KVM environment (Proxmox 4 to be exact).  The latest version of Proxmox is based on the 4.2.x kernel branch and we are running into all kinds of issues with installing VM's and filesystem errors within VM's.  We are using simple LVM backed raw disks.  Whats really interesting is the issue seems to only occur when using the default cache setting of "cache=none".  This is the recommended/default cache settings and ensure writes are committed to the cache of the storage.   

The issue does not happen in 2.6.32 kernels or 3.10.x kernels (Proxmox3) .


The Proxmox dev's have been digging into this now for a few weeks and havn't been able to pin the issue down.  I am the only user reporting the issue and the issue only exists when using a disk backed by the nimble storage. 


Just hoping there are some other community members using a newer kernel or looking to. 


I appreciate the input!