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New SMB Setup - Switches

Question asked by Michael Wormald on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by Paul Bell

Good Morning fellow Nimble users!


We have purchased a fantastic Nimble CS235 and look forward to using this in our production envrionment.


We have a question about switches so we get the most out of them ...


We are currently connecting our hosts and Nimble to a NetGear ProSafe GS724AT and all of our other network devices into a Cisco SG300-52P


Basically we are wanting to know if the NetGear will make then cut to get the most out of the Nimble on our network. We have 4 x 1Gbe iSCSI ports per controller


I understand the host will also play a important factor in the performance, but we have the BEST storage device so next step to ensure we have a switch with will make the most of the Nimble.


Your thoughts would be greatly appreicated.