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Nimble Storage Throughput Calculation

Question asked by An Tran Thanh Linh on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by Walter Van Hoolst

I have a question how calculate CS-Series throughput exactly. I mean the throughput including all layers of storage (Backend disk, network throughput)

For example : how much throughput we have with CS300 with 6x1GbE ports? (in case of 64KB large block size and in case of 4KB small block size )

With NL7k2 + CASL technology --> CS300 has 30.000 IOPS with 4KB block size so that it will have 120.000 KB/s ~ 117 MB/s throughput.

And its network has 6x1GbE ports so that it will have total 6GbE ~ 500MB/s throughput.

At the result, we will just have the lowest throughput is around 117 MB/s. Is it correct?

If we upgrade network to 2x16Gb FC ports, how much throughput will it increase ?