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Snapshot Quiesce Error

Question asked by Carl Griffiths on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by pdavies

We have a protection schedule on our Nimble that snapshots every night, for every volume, and is set to sync using VCentre.


All of the VM's seem to be fine, apart from one that gives us an error of...


Message: Failed to create vCenter snapshot associated with volume collection Daily-Snapshots schedule Daily for virtual machine AgilityDbSvr due to failure to quiesce the virtual machine. See vSphere Client to get details on the failure of the snapshot task for this VM.


The Vsphere log shows "Snapshot 1 failed: Failed to quiesce the virtual machine (40).".


This particular VM is a Windows server hosting an Oracle Database, and I'm guessing the user account being used is having problems, but I can't seem to get this sorted.

I've added the user specified in the Nimble to the local admin group on the server.

I've followed this and set the parameter in the VM config.

I 'can' do a manual snapshot 'with' the quiesce option enabled from within VSphere, logged in as my own user account.


Short of creating a new volume, moving this VM to it on it's own, and creating a new protection schedule without the sync option, has anyone got any idea of how to get round this?