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Shared NFS Solutions using Nimble

Question asked by Richard Lawson on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by Jonathan Disley

We are in the process of planning to migrate off of NetApps onto Nimble Arrays.


One bit of functionality that NetApp has the Nimble does not is the ability to share a volume natives as an NFS volume - that is, the volume can be shared directly from the array as an NFS/CIFS share without having to mount it on a client somewhere.  We're actually fine without this functionality built in to Nimble.


We do need some sort of solution for NFS that's scalable, fault-tolerant, and widely distributable.  One solution we're looking at is GlusterFS; this is complex to set up but it seems doable.


I wanted to ask, though:  What are y'all doing for NFS shares of Nimble volumes to multiple Linux hosts?  What solutions have you engineered?


We'd prefer open-source solutions but are open to anything.