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    Unlimited snapshot quota using CLI

    bambriy Newbie

      After migration to Nimble Cinder driver all volumes have snapshot quota assigned to 100%, which results in some volumes being taken offline when quota exceeded.


      After repeating the same clicks for a few volumes, I've tried to use CLI to set quota snapshot quota level to unlimited. Failed miserably:


      Nimble OS $ vol --edit volume-adbff2d4-b265-47a5-beb5-6972fb3a4820 --snap_quota unlimited

      ERROR: the argument ('unlimited') for option '--snap_quota' is invalid

      INFO: Use the --help option to view usage information.


      Obviously, --snap_quota option only accepts integer values.


      Which magic value shall I provide for snap_quota to disable that quota completely?

        • Re: Unlimited snapshot quota using CLI
          Phil Davies Adventurer

          The valid figures are any positivie digit, strangely even above 100%, so in the short term you could set this to 1000% or even higher

          I'm checking to find out if/what the valid "unlimited" argument is for you.


          You can always set this in the GUI but I suspect you don't want to have to do this for multiple volumes!