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Windows 2012 R2, Fail Over Cluster - Nimble Reported Storage

Question asked by Oscar Romero on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by Oscar Romero

We have been enjoying the performance and features of the NibleStorage. Very happy with the choice we made for our System Center Virtual Machine Managers > Failover Cluster > Hyper-V setup.

We do have a, I guess for lack of better term, "a feature request" that we considered very important. We did have a system outage because of this.

Not fully understanding what was happening, I did open a ticket with support team, and explained the situation.  After a an email exchange, and a couple of calls, I did come to understand what was happening and do get the point of the Support Engineers, but I don't think that they understand mine. I am hoping to find someone that can

In a nutshell, the issue is that since the Servers(Windows 2012 R2 Nimble Windows integration kit installed) using the Nimble Storage are not aware of the compression, it does not see the space saved as space available for use.


For example, if a have a LUN of 1.5 TB. The host does see it as a 1.5 TB Disk. However, if the sum of the files on this LUN equals 1.45 TB, although because of the compression(Nimble) the saved space can amount to 600GB, the Server still thinks that it only had 50 GB free. And what is worse, when it gets to 1,499 GB the Server will report it as full and will stop writing to it. It happened to us.


Here is an example;



Do you see the problem? Anyone having this issue? How are you dealing with it? Do we just over provision the LUNs?



Oscar Romero