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Temperature questions

Question asked by Justin Gray on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by Chris Koop

I'm trying to find documentation (if any) on optimal temperature(s) for a CS300.


Spec sheet shows 50-95F for operating temp, which I assume is ambient room temp. I also understand the unit alarms at 109F internal and shuts down at 122F internal.


Can anyone say, definitively, what the optimal average internal temp is and/or optimal intake temperature?


Currently, our small data center maintains temp at 70F with good airflow and circulation. This yields 95-97F motherboard temps, and 66-72F backplane temps. According to support, the average internal temp (not visible via the GUI) runs at 35-36C (95-97F) and these average temps cause the fans to run at 100%.


Any information is appreciated.