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    Scheduling reports

    Brian Clark Newbie

      I am looking for a way to schedule reports that will give, essentially, the Infosight Capacity report via email.

      What is the best route for getting these reports out of the system?  Would it be to build my own from the CLI, or is there a way to get these reports from Infosight that I am just overlooking?



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          Chris Aylott Adventurer



          That is good standard operating procedure that I highly advise following weekly. There is no way to schedule this, simply add it to your list of jobs for Friday and export the reports from Infosight.


          The volumes report is a very valuable one, this gets updated weekly and will allow you to see rate of growth for a volume over time.


          Nimble offer a concierge service, charge involved, where one of the features is they provide you with these reports via email. However it's all there on infosight.