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    vCenter Snapshot Error on Nimble

    James Howard Newbie

      Type: 10364

      Id: 4215

      Message: Failed to delete vCenter Snapshot associated with Volume collection Sensus schedule Sensus-hourly since the vCenter virtual machine snapshot tacks have not yet completed.


      I can see the snapshots and they are completing correctly, is this a schedule issue where the snapshots are not completeing before the deletion is activated.




        • Re: I'm getting this Error on the Nimlbe with Snapshots
          Nate Wright Wayfarer

          KB-000205 in Infosight under the downloads section addresses this. 


          Long story short, this error occurs when vCenter takes > 10 minutes to delete a VMware snapshot as part of the quiesce process.  vCenter consistent snapshots can be very host intensive.  Please be sure and check the vSphere Best Practice Guide for recommendations on vCenter consistent snapshots, # of VMs per datastore, etc.