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Has anyone done a Hyper-V failover with Nimble?

Question asked by Paul Bell on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by Dan King

I am setting up my 2nd Nimble at the DR colo, where there is a Hyper-V cluster there ready to go. There is a 3-node Hyper-V cluster at HQ with 3 CSVs on the HQ Nimble.


Does anyone have a runbook or high-level feedback on the failover process?


-Shut down all Virtual Machines at HQtrs.

-On Nimble, failover all CSV volumes

-Present volumes to new cluster, add as CSV

-Import VMs into Hyper-V (one at a time?)

-Boot up VMs, set new IPs

-Move VMs to failover role

-Change DNS records to point to failover location (DR has different IPs from HQ)



Any thoughts would be appreciated. I'll be happy to share my runbook and procedures when the failover is completed!