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Can two Nimble arrays act as backup and DR?

Question asked by David Henderson on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by Dmitriy Sandler

Traditionally Disaster Recovery and Backup have meant two different things. Disaster Recovery is the ability to quickly recover from a big disaster in a main data center by turning data in a DR site into production data quickly. This usually means some type of replication from the data center to a DR site. Backup usually meant backing up data using some type of software solution to control the backup and some type of target (other than the array in the DR). The backup had some type of retention with the ability to do restores on the volume, VM, or file level.


Current setup

  1. Two arrays from same company, one in data center and on in DR site with replication running between them so my DR strategy is covered
  2. Commvault software running that backs up data in data center to Exagrid box in DR site so my backup strategy is covered


Lots of moving parts and costs associated with Commvault and Exagrid

If I go to this setup

  1. Two Nimble arrays, one in my main data center and one in my DR site
  2. Snapshots are happening on the array in the data center with snapshot set to go back 90 days
  3. Replication setup from my data center to DR site

Can this handle Disaster Recovery AND Backup? In other words, if need be I can:

    1. Turn the data in the DR site into production data in case of a fire/flood in my main data center
    2. Do volume level, VM level, or file level restores


In the end can I ditch Commvault and the Exagrid box by purchasing Nimble?