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How would you spend your money - All flash shelf or base unit flash?

Question asked by on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2015 by Vlad Valeriu Velciu

We have a CS-500 with 3.4T of flash and ~50T useable. We have used a little over half the space on it and our cache use in infosite is hovering around 50%. We have another array from the Borg so we're not pressed for space for another year likely. We also have three CS-300's with 1T of flash or less in outer offices.


I've got a number of quotes in front of me that I'll be going over with Nimble and our VAR today.


I'm leaning towards upgrading flash rather than capacity in the CS-500. The question is whether to upgrade the flash in the base unit or go with an ALL-FLASH shelf? I assume an all flash shelf is an easy add that doubles or triples useable flash with no impact on existing workloads.


Whereas a flash upgrade to 6.4T to the base unit requires removing existing 800G flash drives with 1600G fllash drives would require dumping everything out of flash somehow then going through a warm up with new?


The nice thing about the flash upgrade to the base is we can repurpose the 3.4 to one of our CS-300's... and the 1T to one of the lessers.


Flash base upgrade is a good chunk of change less costly than the all flash shelf.