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    remove expansion shelf off the head CS300

    Michael Luu Newbie
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      Hi everyone,



      I accidentally add unwanted expansion shelf to CS300 head.  Is there any CLI to remove if off my CS300?

      This is my first Nimble storage!



      Thank You,



        • Re: remove expansion shelf off the head CS300
          Nick Dyer Navigator

          Hello Michael, welcome to Nimble!


          As long as you have not activated the shelf within the UI, yes you can remove the shelf without any problems by switching the shelf off and disconnecting it from the CS300. If the shelf has been activated, then i'm afraid it's not possible to remove the shelf without migrating the data off the CS300, as the data is automatically redistributed across the head and expansion shelves.


          I'd recommend reaching out to support and your local Nimble SE to discuss your options.