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    Disable Jumbo Frames

    Paul Swiatek Newbie



      If we want to disable Jumbo Frames on our arrays, what kind of disruption are we looking at?


      We've expanded our iSCSI network past the interconnect switches on our HP c7000 chassis, and we are having issues with the Cisco out 3120X and Brocase ICX-6610 switches talking reliably.


      Our 10GB links are no where close to being saturated, so we do not feel like having Jumbo frames enable are worth the headache.



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          Brandon Grieve Adventurer



          I would recommend discussing this with Support before proceeding. You may want to schedule this for a time window where you can afford an outage. I've seen different behaviors in different environments when frame sizes don't match, and since you will be changing the configs on the switches & array at different times (even if it's only a few minutes apart), you could see the hosts drop connections. Also, I believe many switches require a reboot when changing this config.


          Good luck!

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            valdereth Adventurer

            In the very least - count on the Nimble array interfaces going through a brief reset.  I enabled JF on a Nimble Array recently and we got notification from the vSphere Hosts of a drop in connection but it was so brief that there was no noticeable interruption in service to the VMs.

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              Paul Swiatek Newbie

              We've spoken to support.


              And the consensus is the as long as the our ESXi cluster is already set to 1500 MTU, then we should only see a brief outage as the interface reconfigure.


              We will schedule the change of an upcoming maintenance window and see what happens.