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VM FileServer w2k12r2 - Data Drive RDM or VMDK

Question asked by Roland Kudelic on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by JT Moree



I want to migrate from a fileserver w2k8r2to a new fileserver, Profiles, UserHome, Groupdata.

I have connected a VMDK 2 TB Performance Policy VMware ESX 5 4096 Bytes and Partitioned default, a RDM 2 TB with Performance Policy Windows File 4096 Bytes Server and Partitioned with 4096 Bytes Blocksize.

What is your best practice for a virtual File Server Volume? Any other tipps and tricks to observe?


RDM seems to be a little bit faster than VMDK. 7 - 10 seconds R/W small files.

Large files the same speed.


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