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Read IOPS on Nimble Storage

Question asked by An Tran Thanh Linh on Sep 21, 2015
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We used to read about how Nimble can leverage the write performance by sequentializing random write data to SATA HDDs

At the result, each 7k2 HDD can reach up to 10.000 write IOPS (CS700) and the difference about write performance between CS-array is depend on the amount of CPU core for the speed of sequentializing random write

But for the Read IOPS performance on Nimble Arrays, it doesn't base on the speed of CPU like write IOPS performance.

And the Read Way is go to NVRAM, DRAM first and then SSD.

If MLC SSDs can be up about 5000 IOPS per drive, so that 4x SSDs will be 20.000 Read IOPS on each Array? Is it the same performance on all CS-array because they have the same 4x SSD drives?

Please explain it more detail for me.