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    WORM Capability?

    Cazi Brasga Wayfarer

      We have certain compliance requirements that need us to store/backup certain data to WORM (Write Once Read Many) media (disk, tape, DVD...etc.). Just trying to find out if we have any options with the Nimble SAN for WORM?

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          Peter Evans Wayfarer



          There are currently no native WORM capabilities in the array.  You will need to look for a software based solution if you are creating a WORM compliance solution using Nimble.



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            Jonathan Disley Wayfarer


            Hi Cazi,


            WORM functionality in the storage array is generally only available on NAS or object storage products. Since we don’t currently offer native NAS, youd need some add on software to provide the WORM functionality.


            I have no personal experience of it, but one of my colleagues has previously recommended the following 3rd party software for this purpose:




            I hope this provides the functionality you require.


            Best regards,