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SCVMM doesn't see existing volumes after adding Nimble CS Series

Question asked by LT IT on Sep 4, 2015
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Greetings Programs,


We have just upgraded one of our SAN arrays to 2.2.8 to test SCVMM integration, and so we've added the array through the Providers section and can see it through the Classifications and Pools and Arrays sections. What has me concerned is that, as part of the testing, we have created a volumes on the SAN through Nimble Connection Manager to see if they'd import as part of adding the array to SCVMM, but they don't show up. It's a concern because we have a production array and when we upgrade that, it's extremely important that we be able to see the already existing volumes, or SCVMM is useless to us.


Is there a step we're missing? Is there a way to import already existing volumes?