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Snapshot clones - one is read only, another is not?

Question asked by nick0909 on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by Nick Dyer

I have two physical Windows 2012 servers with data drives that are getting snapshots. One is just a file server and does not use any snapshot synchronization. The other is a SQL server that does synchronize.


  • If I go to the volume on the file server, select a snapshot, clone it and then mount it I can read and write to that volume.
  • If I do the same on the SQL server, select one of its snapshots, clone it and mount it, the volume is mounted read-only.


Is this expected? Why is the SQL volume read only when the file server volume is r/w but I follow the same steps cloning the snapshot? Is there a way to see in the Nimble interface if a volume is read-only, or is this flag on the OS level somewhere? I would really like to be able to mount the SQL volumes with r/w so we can use them as dev instances of the data if needed.