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Snapshots and backups - file level or block level - new to nimble

Question asked by Dennis Topo Jr on Aug 30, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by Nick Dyer

Hello all. I have a possible upcoming storage project, and really am impressed so far what I've read about Nimble products.


My questions is this....with say a CS220 array..... what can expect from the built in software as far as backups and snap shots? For example, if I present ISCI LUNS to my VMware hosts, and on those LUNs I have VMFS datastores with my vmdks in the datastores of course, and windows server volumes formatted w NTFS on those vmdks ...what exactly are the Nimble snapshots of? I'm guessing they would be snapshots of the VMFS datastores, or are they actual snapshots of the files sitting on my NTFS windows volumes.? Does Nimble provide an agent to backup inside my VMs at the file level as well? 


Any information is appreciated for this Nimble newbie!


For the record I'm looking to have rotational file level backups.   VM level backups and replication (such as w Veeam )  and possibly disaster recovery to another offsite array. So again, any info on how I can achieve that within the Nimble offerings would be great ....thanks in advance....Dennis