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Boot-from SAN with host profiles/auto-deploy

Question asked by Stanton Cole on Aug 18, 2015
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My team is currently working on deploying vSphere 6.  We are wanting to move to boot from SAN in our UCS environment.  We have (2) CS-500 FC arrays that are in a cluster together.  I have presented a boot volume, then the guy building the server installed ESX and it installed and worked perfectly.  The problem is that we want to create host profiles to be able to apply to the other 35 hosts so I can build all the volumes and assign the datastores in one large automated batch.  How do we determine within the host profile to look for a specific volume on the Nimble?  We can't give it the wwn because it will be different for every boot volume.  I have 10 different datastore volumes that will be shared among the hosts all from the Nimble cluster.  I need to know how to determine to tell the host that is being installed how to find its boot volume.