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    Large Nimble Customer Environments

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      Hi All,


      I have been away from Nimble for a close to a year now. At a company I worked at previously I was responsible for bringing in and leading the implementation of Nimble Storage and replacing our aging Equallogic environment. We retired 9 Equallogic arrays from our production environment and replaced them with 6 x CS460-X2 arrays and 4 x HS65 disk shelves. We were around the 500 TB mark at that point and about 30,000 IOPS for our 750 production VM's (49,000 IOPS if counting all 1100 vm's including dev/qa and vdi) in our production virtualization environment.


      I am sure there are much larger environments out there, but the one thing I never really see Nimble talk about is the size of the environments they are currently supporting. I think Nimble is able to function in an enterprise environment, but I do not feel the company ever actually pushes that kind of market space capability.


      I have read through the available customer success stories but more of those case studies seem to be fairly small/smaller companies with maybe 1 or 2 arrays.


      I would be interested to hear from others who run Nimble in larger environments.

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          Hi CW.


          I am responsible for the the public sector north for Nimble and have a number of large customers.  I guess the first thing to point out is that much has changed over the last year with the software functionality improving immeasurably and the controllers having a complete refresh.  For example, the CS2xx and 4xx were replaced by a new range of arrays which, at the higher end are the CS300, 500 and 700 which are rated at 30k, 100k and 125k iops respectively.  Not only that, the HDDs have increased to 6tb drives now plus we support an All Flash Shelf for extra grunt.  InfoSight has also had a complete refresh with a new UI butr also some really cool features for VM monitoring.


          I have a number of customers which are running these larger arrays including one customer which has just purchased a 2 X CS700s with 3 H90s (90tb raw) and an all flash shelf - total 1/2PB.


          I dont know where you come from but I would highly recommend that you get in touch with your local Nimble AM and get a refresher.



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              I know that in the KC market there have been recent new hires specifically targeted to the Enterprise Market.  I don't know specifically about the success of that, but they are definitely pushing now.  I know in my personal experience there are large deployments of Nimble that I have heard about in the Midwest or related to companies in the midwest.  There is a hosting company locally that a year or so ago bought a smaller company that had a big deployment of Nimble.  Since then the hosting company has themselves deployed Nimble arrays for use in the hosting environment.  CenturyLink bought a huge amount of Nimble, not for hosting purposes but for their own business.  We are fairly small, but we have deployed (2) CS-500s with 7 shelves between them totaling almost 400TB, they aren't full yet though, so they could get more.  They are phenomenal and the apps and db teams are commenting all the time about how much of an improvement the performance is over our previous multi-million dollar array.


              I think you will start to see more coming from the large enterprise over the next year or two though.