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    NEBS compliance - is Nimble Storage NEBS Level 3 compliant?

    Randolph Weis Wayfarer

      NEBS Compliance is coming up from time to time, particularly for California datacenter opportunities. I don't see any mention of NEBS compliance on the Nimble Storage website or in the Forums. EMC, 3PAR and NetApp all have NEBS-compliant arrays in what appears to be special editions.

      Can anyone verify if the systems are compliant by default or could be ordered in compliant builds?

      To elaborate,

      NEBS is the common set of safety, spatial and environmental design guidelines applied to telecommunications equipment in the US.

      NEBS Level 2 addresses equipment operability in a controlled environment (usually datacenters) that will not be subjected to environmental stress.

      NEBS Level 3 has strict specifications for fire suppression, thermal margin testing, vibration resistance (earthquakes), airflow patterns, acoustic limits, failover and partial operational requirements (such as chassis fan failures), failure severity levels, RF emissions and tolerances, and testing/certification requirements.

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          Kat Usavage Wayfarer

          Hi Randolph,


          First off, thanks for your question. I apologize it has taken so long to get an answer for your question. In gardening through our NimbleConnect content, I stumbled upon your question and reached out internally.


          Here's the response I got:

          There has been some preliminary compatibility testing with DC power supplies, but that's about it.


          Sorry it might not have been the response you were looking for.


          Thanks for being a member of the NimbleConnect community!