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    Connection to IBM Pureflex Converged switch

    John Sammons Newbie



      We have just received two Nimble units, CS300 & CS500, on trial and are unable to connect the units to our converged switch.


      We are unable to connect the units and struggling to find a suitable connection between them. The switch is the IBM converged Fibre and Ethernet unit and by default has only 1Gb/s ethernet and does not support RJ45. We have been advised by our suppliers of the IBM system that we would require the Nimble storage to support. We are told that only Finre and DAC is available and we would require the Nimbler unit to support DAC or Fibre 10G Ethernet.


      Does anyone have any experience with this switch / pureflex system and Nimble or are we on mission impossible and should just give up and ditch the idea of nimble storage?


      The IBM switch is: