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    Question regarding the Nimble Tab in vCenter

    Dion Grydell Newbie
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      Can anyone tell me, if there is a Nimble Tab for the vSphere Web Client? (If not, is it coming?)

      And is it possible to have a Nimble Tab in 2 different vCenters, running on the same Nimble Array?


      Hope you Guys can help..


      Have a great day!



        • Re: Question regarding the Nimble Tab in vCenter
          Nick Dyer Navigator

          Hi Dion!


          In NimbleOS 2.2 and below only the legacy C client (aka the Windows client) is supported for the vSphere plugin. As part of the upcoming NimbleOS 2.3 release it will contain support for the Web Client. NimbleOS 2.3 is currently in Release Candidate stage.


          I also learnt just today that it's possible to register a single Nimble array to more than 1 vCenter server - although the array UI makes it look like only one is possible.