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Make vCenter Plug-in Read-Only

Question asked by Joe Eberhardt on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by Joe Eberhardt

Is there a way to install the vCenter plug-in, but make it read-only so no changes can be made within? We have 2 accounts configured on each of our SANs that we deploy for customers, 1 for our engineers (full admin) and one for our support techs (read-only). I would prefer that the plug-in into vCenter acts the same way as the read-only account where our support techs are able to look at volumes and view statistical information, but not modify them.


We have all vCenter servers configured with active directory integration and currently, the AD account that we use to install the plug-in is a vCenter admin. I was going to try to put that user account into a read-only group within the vCenter server, but I wasn't sure if that user would be able to install the plug-in at that time and it would break or not even install.


Has anyone tried this before and had it work as i'm describing?


Thanks everyone