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Any Advantage to Keeping OS Apps and Page File on Separate Volumes?

Question asked by Peter Roberts on May 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by Tom Gilmore

We are migrating all our data from an EMC CX4-240 to Nimble CS300.

Our old configuration kept the C:\OS, D:\Apps and E:\Page File of each VM on separate datastores/LUNS mainly I think to try and get the best performance.

These datastores are shared by multiple VM's and we have a number of each type of datastore.

We also have separate datatstores dedicated to the application data which will be kept on separate volumes on the CS300


My question is, Are there any advantages to keeping this separation of the OS APPS and page file on different volumes when we storage vmotion the VM's to the CS300 or are we better off to keep all the VM disks on the same volume given that it will make restoration from snapshots easier.