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    Deploy Cisco UCS from Scratch - For VMware (with Nimble Storage)

    Dean Lewis Wayfarer

      Hi All,


      Have been installing Nimble products for a while now, absolutely love the simplicity and performance they offer.


      Anyway I deployed my first smartstack from scratch and wrote a 4 part blog series on this. After letting the various Nimble Engineers know about it, and getting some great feedback from around the web, I thought I'd share it on here as well.


      Part 1 - Setting up Fabric Interconnect, and UCS Manager settings

      • The hardware/software
      • Cabling diagram
      • Pre-Reqs
      • Understanding Cisco's policy based management
      • Summary of Task List
      • Setting up Fabric Interconnects
      • Connecting to Cisco UCS Manager


      Part 2 - Configuring Connectivity & Setting up the policies and Service Profiles

      • Setting up the connectivity
      • Configuring the VLAN connectivity
      • Setting up Port Channels
      • Setting up the Appliance connectivity
      • Configuring LAN policies
      • Configuring VNIC Templates
      • Creating Server Policies
      • Building a Service Profile Template
      • Deploying a Service Profile from a Template


      Part 3 - Deploying ESXi via KVM onto FlashFlex (SDCard)

      • Setting up the SD Cards (FlexFlash)
      • Installing ESXi via KVM


      Part 4 - Upgrading the Firmware

      • Pre-reqs
      • Getting the Firmware
      • Upload firmware into UCS Manager
      • Upgrading UCS Manager
      • Upgrading the Fabric Interconnects
      • Upgrading the Blade Servers


      You can also find my blog posts regarding Nimble here.