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Proof of concept DR test

Question asked by Erik Maurer on May 18, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by Paul Shane

We currently have two Nimble arrays (one at production, one at DR site) using protection groups to replicate volumes from the primary array to the DR array every two hours over a gigabit link.

We have three VMware ESXi 5.5 hosts at each location connected to the Nimble via iSCSI.

We would like to perform a small "proof of concept" DR test with 5 Server 2008 VM's / volumes to satisfy one of our department's regulatory compliance requirements.

The overall goal is to take down the VMs at the production site, bring them up at the DR site, have the staff verify everything works, then delete the VMs at the DR site and turn the VMs back on at the production site.


What is the best procedure to accomplish this without using third party software?


We are thinking:

  1. Shut down the five Windows servers
  2. Take a manual Nimble snapshot of the five volumes
  3. Take the five volumes offline on the production Nimble
  4. On the DR nimble, find the snapshots we just took and set them to online
  5. "Rescan all" in VMware to discover newly online datastores on the DR Nimble
  6. Browse datastores, add .VMX files to VMware inventory, and power on
  7. Verify functionality, then power off servers
  8. Take volumes offline on DR Nimble
  9. Set volumes online on production Nimble
  10. Power on servers


Maybe it's not necessary to take the production volumes offline on the Nimble since the servers are shut down.

Would it be better to close the snapshots and bring the clones online on the DR Nimble?


Am I missing anything? Are we going about this totally wrong? Sorry for my ignorance, this is sadly the first time we've tried a DR test since we implemented the Nimble solution.