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    Bonjour Service Errors

    Eric Arnold Newbie
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      We are currently experiencing Bonjour service errors in the application logs of all our 2012 servers that are connected to our CS220 device. It appears Infosight uses bonjour for discovery, so we are hesitant in disabling bonjour on each server. The current error we are receiving is "GetLargeResourceRecord: opt 65002 optlen 8 wrong", with an Event ID of 100. The error is occurring about 30 to 40 times an hour. A solution or recommendation would be very much appreciated.

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          Brandon Grieve Adventurer

          Hi Eric,


          Do you have the Nimble Windows Toolkit (NWT) installed on the servers that are experiencing this error? Older versions of the NWT required Bonjour for array discovery when using the Setup Manager (I don't believe more recent versions do). So, there could be some remnants of this hanging around. Regardless, I would recommend opening a ticket with Nimble Support so that they can properly track & troubleshoot the issue. You can open a ticket via phone: (877) 364-6253 Option 2, email: support@nimblestorage.com, or via InfoSight.




          Brandon Grieve

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            rfenton Tracker

            Eric if I was to hazard a guess, I suspect when you have installed Nimble Connection Manager for Windows then you have also installed the Setup Manager which uses Bonjour to initially discover the controller. After the controller is setup there is no more Bonjour communication for the array nor for InfoSight that I am aware off.


            My guess is the Setup manager was installed on all your services and your seeing something else trying to communicate with it (hence the error logs).


            Brandon is correct - please place a call with a support so they can investigate in more detail.

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              Chris Aylott Adventurer

              Nimble uses Avahi for the discovery (Bonjour ended with 1.4.x), remove all Nimble Setup manager tools from appwiz.cpl.


              Infosight is populated from your autosupport data.

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                Paul Frisoli Adventurer

                Good morning Eric


                My thought would be to review and chat with Support to ensure you have the correct version of the NWT version aligning with the correct version of the array firmware. Another issue I have seen causing this type of disconnect is host OS firewalls disallowing the discovery protocol. You may want to try again with all firewalls disabled, and if corrected, re-enable and open the respective ports if the firewall if re-enabled

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                  Thanks everyone's help. It was as most everyone expected... we were using 1.4 version of the Windows Tool and we just performed an OS upgrade last week to 2.0. It appears we didn't complete the recommended process for updating and will need to update the Windows Tools.


                  I appreciate's everyone's help.