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    linked Clones Latency

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      I'm a newb to the Nimble community and have a quick question about expectations,  I think i have things setup correctly and as i monitor the latency of all my volumes i seem to see higher than normal Latency from the volume that holds my Linked Clones for VDI. I was under the impression that the linked clones didn't need to be cached.  I created a separate policy so that the volume didn't get cached and was curious if i needed to put that volume in the default policy?  Latency on all other volumes are pretty much at 1ms or lower and the linked clone volume is averaging about 7.  Seems to be a bit high to me.  Any thoughts or comments??  All are welcome.  thanks!!!



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          You want the linked clones volume cached. The cached blocks will used the original cached block from the parent volume. This will reduce a latency and if your on 2.3 code with ABE, shouldn't increase your cache usage too much.