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    NCM Download and install

    Perry Rutter Wayfarer
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      Nimble Newbie here.  Trying to setup Nimble storage with VDI and need to tweak things. Can anyone tell me where to find the NCM download and if there are any other tips anyone wants to throw my way that would be great.  Running VMware 5.5 with Horizon 6 on a Nimble CS300.  Any assistance is appreciated.  Thanks



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          Nick Dyer Navigator

          Hi Perry. Thank you for your investment in Nimble, and welcome to the family.


          Your first place to access all software, documentation and best practices is Infosight, located at https://infosight.nimblestorage.com, under the "Downloads" tab. You'll want to create yourself an account if you don't already have one.


          That should give you a good first step to getting everything set up. Let us know if you have any further questions.

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              Perry Rutter Wayfarer

              Thanks Nick.


              Here is my confusion...Looking to install this NCM for vmware and I don't know what file i need.  Here is what the manual says...


              1. In your Internet browser, go to https://infosight.nimblestorage.com/. 2. Click the Login link and enter your login ID and password. 3. Look for the Nimble VMware Integration table and click the Download link for NCM software. 4. Save the NCM installation package to a convenient place on your Windows server. The installation package has a name like "nimble-ncm-x.x.x-xxxxxx.zip" Where x.x.x is the version number and xxxxxx is the build number. Note: Do not unzip the installation package.


              and I can't seem to find a file called that.  What i have downloaded is a file that contains the Nimble-PSP and the Nimble-NCS that contain teh .VIB files.  So not sure what to download and what to install.  HELP!!  Thanks again!!!

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                  Nick Dyer Navigator

                  Hi Perry,


                  You've downloaded the .zip file which contains both elements of the plugin for VMware - the PSP (path selection plugin) and the NCS (Nimble Connection Service). The zip file is the item we're referring to on section 4 of your quoted paragraph.


                  You can upload that zip file to your ESXi servers (or even to a VMFS) and then run the esxcli command to install it.


                  An easier way for me is to do the following (if your ESXi server can see out onto the internet). This is documented within the VMware Integration Guide as section


                  1. Put ESXi host into maintenance mode.

                  2. SSH into ESXi host.

                  3. run command "esxcli software vib install -d http://update.nimblestorage.com/esx5/ncm" which will automatically download and install the files for you.

                  4. Take ESXi host out of maintenance mode.


                  For me this method takes a lot of the intermediary "download and uploading/staging" of files from infosight onto each ESXi host.