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How do I connect to a CS300?

Question asked by mats white on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2015 by rfenton

I've got our new CS300 installed into the rack and powered up, but I can't connect to it to begin configuration.  I've tried two methods to make the initial connection and I'm coming up with nothing.


First attempt:  windows client with the Windows toolkit installed.  plugged it into the same VLAN w/o luck.   Plugged it straight into the management port via normal CAT5 and crossover cables.   No arrays are found.

Second:  Use native KVM on the back of the CS300.   I get a lovely Linux like CLI, but any attempts to list (or add) IP info or Network info fail.


I've read the install guide and the users guide, all it says to do is plug a system with the Toolkit installed into the same subnet.    I'm clearly missing something.  Anybody want to throw me a bone?


Thanks in advance.