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    Nimble Exchange Best Practice and SRM

    Eric Velting Newbie
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      Anyone out there setup with Nimble's best practice model for a virtual exchange server while utilizing SRM? We have our OS as a vmdk and the database and logs volumes are iscsi attached to the server. With this setup SRM cannot see the database or log volumes when it recovers the machine. Anyone have a script in place to bring the iscsi volume up and attach them? I heard Nimble is working on functionality to make this easy, but I have been waiting for a while on them and I need something now.

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          Nick Dyer Navigator

          Hi Eric,


          There's nothing coming in the short term from Nimble similar to the functionality you describe, so i'd absolutely say you would want another solution to the problem at hand


          The easiest way for this to work is to port your iSCSI guest-attached volumes to "VMware RDM"; it still gives you the granularity to pass the block size of the Exchange volumes directly to the guest, but it also allows SRM to work as it can see and understand the volumes themselves, even though they are not VMFS attached. This is as simple as creating two new volumes, mounting them through VMware, attaching them to the VM via RDM, detaching your Exchange log & DB, copying the files to the new volumes and re-attaching your Exchange server.


          You could write a quick powershell script which would connect to the array on the DR site, clone the replica DB & log volumes to new volumes (if it were a DR test scenario), change the iSCSI ACL to your DR Exchange server, and then tell your Exchange server to mount the volumes... you could probably use the community supported powershell toolkit to do the majority of this work for you.


          It would be great if other end users would post up their solutions and experience in this area too!