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Number of VMs per datastore and alerting

Question asked by Martin Leggatt on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by Andrew Wark


I noticed the following posting by Nick recently


with the link to Jason Boche's blog post:

VAAI and the Unlimited VMs per Datastore Urban Myth » – VMware vEvangelist


and the recommendation

"10 HIGH IO VMs, 15 AVERAGE IO VMs or 20 LOW IO VMs."

Other than monitoring VM latency is there any proactive way of monitoring for datastores beginning to breach thresholds where performance will be impacted?  I've read various blog posts on using esxtop but most of those are for diagnosing the root cause once you have a performance issue.

Overall it would be good to be able to alert on any LUN resource constraints for the VMs before they actually experiences issues.  I was also thinking some of those "LOW IO" VMs could become high IO VMs and cause a performance impact for all the VMs on that LUN.