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Nimble SAN setup with Microsoft 2012

Question asked by venkateswar sudini on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by Walter Van Hoolst

Hello Guys,


We have recently bought a new Nimble box ( We have huge NetApp SAN setup ), Its still in its testing phase, we are expecting better results since its all flash array, We are pushing the Nimble to its limits through LoginVSI tool.


Our test Setup:-


CS500 with 14 Cluster shared volumes and a quorum volume, we have created a 14 Cisco node cluster, we have created virtual machines.


Also if some one can provide all the High available testing that can be done on the storage controllers:-


1. controller failover soft and hard failure.

2. disk failure

3. SAS cable removal (IOM failure)

4. multiple disk failure ( How many we can do )


Can someone suggest the best practices for Cluster size and number of Virtual machines per cluster.


Thank you

Venkat Sudini