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Can You Refresh a Clone on the Fly?

Question asked by Greg Porter on Feb 10, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by apolman


This is sort of a newbie Nimble question, but here goes…


Our DBAs have a use case (for testing, say) where they make a snapshot of a DB volume, then make a clone of it, write some stuff to it, and then maybe their test is bad.


At that point they would like to be able (leaving everything mounted, connected, etc.) to tell the clone to revert back to the fresh state as if it were just made (abandon all changes) and then do the test again.


They don’t do this all the time, but they do it.


As it is now, we have learned to make the clone, mount the clone, use the clone.  But right now to refresh it, we have to unmount the clone, destroy the clone, make a new clone, mount the new clone, etc.


This would be something like the NetApp "volume restore snapshot" command, which they are used to using.