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This Thing Ain't a VNX!

Question asked by on Feb 3, 2015
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I thought the subject line might pique some interest!


Greetings from a new to Nimble dude. We just bought 3 CS-300's and 1 CS-500 arrays. We are replacing a bunch of Equallogic arrays in outer offices and moving a bunch of workloads off of a maxed out VNX 5300 in our main DC. We are running completely ESXi 5.5 workloads on the Nimble through meshed/stacked unrouted private 1GE at some sites and 10GE at others. So far the array provisioning and vmware integration has gone easy as pie (unlike anything EMC makes except maybe Isilon and that isn't EMC IMHO).  I will say that the vsphere plug-in is so far problematic as too many plug-ins are.


I'm trying to wrap my brain around the move to eager-zero-thick provisioning in vmware vs our traditional thin provisioning for most VM's. I currently make use of datastore clusters housing VNX LUN's that make use of various disk/RAID types depending on the type of workload we're running. We have SDRS enabled as a fail safe for the over-provisioning that happens in thin provisioned environments.


Now we have these Nimbles that thin provision by default at the volume level in addition to compressing inline. So now I can expect that if I thick provision in VMware, the LUN cannot be overprovisioned at that level yet the reality is the LUN is only using 50-60% of that space on the array. Do I care that the number is misreprented in vmware or just provision more LUN's?


Thanks for any insight in getting on board with the Nimble way.