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Monitoring with Nagios

Question asked by Steve Reveliotty on Jan 22, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by Scott Wilson


We're looking to set up monitoring for our Nimble CS500 via Nagios.  I've been following : Integrate Nagios and Nimble

which looks promising.  Things like the Nimble load, volume and array info should work ok, but I have a question on how I would properly monitor

disk info following that doc.:  The problem I'm having is doing something like :

sleep 39 && ssh adminuser@nimble disk --info 7 >/tmp/nimble/ssd1 will return something like:


Shelf location #: 0

Slot #: 8

HBA: 0

Port: 8

Serial: BTWL345200PV600TGN

Type: SSD

Disk size: 600.127 GB

Disk state: in use

Raid state: N/A

Percent resynchronized: N/A

Current resync speed: N/A

Average resync speed: N/A


Vendor: Nimble

Firmware version: 0355

Smart Data Attributes:


But we have a head shelf, and two expansion shelves.  The disk slot # repeats 1-16 for each expansion shelf.  How can I pull data from the command line for unique disks? (e.g in the example above we would be missing the two SSD drives we have in slot 8 in our expansion shelves).    I don't see a way from the commandline to say shelf #,  slot # when doing a check.  Any help is appreciated.