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    New Smartstack validated design for VMware Horizon 6 VDI & Mixed Server Workloads

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      I thought i'd post this here in case anyone's interested in reading our latest Smartstack in conjunction with Cisco, using the new Cisco UCS Mini servers and a Nimble Storage CS300 array.


      Here's a cut & paste from the Executive Summary:


      Enterprises are seeking to balance the need for large, centralized data centers and the need for excellent user experiences in remote and branch offices with larger user communities. Small and medium-sized businesses are seeking ways to run a compact, self-contained computing infrastructure that is economical and efficient and that offers the potential for growth.

      Desktop virtualization can help meet these challenges. However, for midsize customers, one of the main barriers to entry is the capital expense required to deploy proof-of-concept (PoC,) pilot, and development environments. For smaller customers, deployment of a desktop virtualization system for fewer than 300 users is cost prohibitive.

      To overcome these entry-point barriers, Cisco has developed a self-contained desktop virtualization solution that can host 350 VMware Horizon 6 with View virtual desktops. This document showcases non-persistent linked clone-based virtual desktops and newly supported VMware Horizon Remote Desktop Services Host (RDSH) – based server desktops on a four-blade Cisco UCS® Mini using Cisco UCS B200 M3 Blade Servers with a Nimble Storage system.

      Note: The results of the testing reported in this document show that the four-blade Cisco UCS Mini with Nimble Storage CS300 easily supported 350 desktop users in a mixed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and RDSH configuration. On the basis of these and other observations and the per-blade testing performed, four more blades could be added, and this solution could support another 400 (VDI) to 550 (RDS) user desktops for a total single Cisco UCS chassis configuration of 750 to 900 user desktops. The Nimble Storage CS300 can easily support this workload in both capacity and performance.


      Cisco UCS Mini, Nimble Storage, and VMware Horizon 6 with View Mixed Workload on Cisco UCS B200 M3 Blade Servers - Cisco