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To vPC peer or NOT vPC peer Nexus for UCS/Nimble SmartStack

Question asked by Joshua Kim on Jan 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by Andrew Geiger

The Nimble KB doc says to vPC peer the Nexus but when working recently with a Nimble SE he recommended not to vPC peer the Nexus in order to avoid iSCSI traffic crossing the peer link.



The scenario would be as follows:


dual iSCSI subnets/VLANs (best practice according to Nimble SE).  One for FI-A and one for FI-B

both of those VLANs of course would reside on both Nexus due to vPC requirements.

Nimble, TG-1 (iSCSI-A) conencted to Nexus 1, TG-2 (iSCSI-B) connected to Nexus 2 (not vPCd)

FI's vPC'd to each Nexus


In my picture below, the yellow lines represent iSCSI-A traffic coming from FI-A.  Any thoughts?