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Does anyone have suggestions on how to best implement a VMware DR plan leveraging Nimble replication but without SRM?

Question asked by Bill Baker on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by valdereth

I have a client that needs to develop a DR playbook and I am trying to help simplify it. SRM is not an option. They have set up separate volumes for each VM because they used to use SAN replication and keep the replicated volumes attached to the DR vCenter, but Nimble does not allow replicas to be mounted so their DR plan just became more complicated. They now have to trigger the fail over and then configure the DR Nimble array connectivity for each volume and rescan in vCenter before they can begin where their existing DR Playbook currently starts. Of course this can be scripted, but I would prefer a more client maintainable option.


One alternative we have is to reconfigure Veeam to do the replication and DR prep. It has advantages and disadvantages, but does not fall into the original scope of this project.


Any suggestions are welcome.