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Hyper-V 2012 R2 CSV and Nimble

Question asked by Keith Wanderski on Jan 21, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by Steve Wysocki

Hello all,


A while back I created a new CSV volume in our Hyper-V cluster to start migrating over some VM's from our older, slower SAN and everything has been working great. I noticed today that Solarwinds Virtualization Manger was notifying me that I had over provisioned the CSV volume by 130%. Since I have plenty of space available I went ahead and extended the CSV volume in Nimble by 500 GB which of course took immediately. I then went to the CSV owner node and was able to verify that the extra free space was seen by Windows disk manager. I then went to expand the partition in disk manager and that's when things fell apart. Once I clicked to extend the partition, It completely knocked that entire CSV offline and I lost all my VM's that were on that volume. After troubleshooting I was able to get all 5 hosts reconnected to Nimble and the CSV volume online and then was able to boot up the guest VM's and get everything back to normal, but I'm a bit concerned that expanding the volume size would completely knock it offline since I have never had an issue doing this before on my other CSV's (non Nimble storage)


So my questions are:


1. has anyone else ever experienced this?

2. Is there some sort of different procedure that needs to be followed when expanding a Nimble hosted CSV?


Thanks in advance for any assistance!