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    Sizing Questions / Questionnaire

    Hector Yason Newbie
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      I'm new to storage and to Nimble so please bear me. Is there an official sizing/scoping questionnaire that we should use? If there is none, what are some tools and questions that can help me scope and size a client's requirement?


      Thank you very much in advance!



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          Nick Dyer Navigator

          Hello Hector. Good question!


          Through our Infosight data analytics we've been able to start scoping environments based on true customer data and bell curve analytics based on application requirements and data capacities. Today this built into a sizing tool which is only available internally to the staff at Nimble (there are plans to expose this to our partner network in the future).


          Therefore the best thing you can do is reach out to your Nimble SE to provide you with this detailed sizing tool.


          Here's a quick demo of the sizing tool:




          However, the quick-n-dirty way to size Nimble is take the usable capacity the customer needs (before data reduction), and take 10% of that capacity which will typically be required for SSD read caching. So if the requirement is 20TB, I would need 2TB of SSD cache (all figures are usable before data reduction; assuming a modest 1.5x data reduction that would be roughly 15TB and 1.5TB, respectively). We again know this thanks to the Infosight data analytics engine.

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            Ray Olander Wayfarer

            Hi Hector,


            I put together a planning tool / script generator for Nimble arrays that might be of interest to you once you get your sizing figured out. Check it out at My Excel Planner and Script Generator Workbooks for Nimble Storage Arrays. The premise is that as you fill in the sheet for the basic requirements, push a button and the sheet will generate all the command line scripts in one spot and in the proper order to build the array as you had entered in the interview sheets. It's not perfect, but it's saved me a countless amount of time. I have sections defined for volume planning (including snapshot counting) array setup, array edit, initiators, chap, replication partners, protection templates, volume create, volume collection creation, volume collection scheduling, and associating volumes to volume collections. Essentially, its all the basics to plan a deployment and get the array up and running. A lot of the scripts have been tested with the v1.4.x and v2.1.x, but since I can't get access to an emulator, I can't keep testing with the new firmware versions so there may be a bug here and there. This afternoon in fact I just used the sheet to create a bunch of volume collections, schedules and associations and discovered that I didn't put in error checking to prevent using the "--until" switch when "days" or "weeks" are selected as the unit of time for a volume collection schedule. I'll work on that for v5.14, but it's not a critical issue. There's an instruction tab at the beginning of the sheet, it has everything you need to know in there.