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    VMware, VM, Snapshots and VEEAM Backup&Replication

    Roland Kudelic Wayfarer



      I'm looking for the best configuaration to save our test vm, for patching purposes and other tasks.

      VM configuration:

      Windows Server 2008R2, SQL Server 2008R2.

      Drive C: vmdk dependent - OS

      Drive D: vmdk dependent - DB (no RDM)

      Drive E: vmdk dependent - Files (no RDM)

      Performance policy VMware ESX 5


      I will be able to Clone or Snapshot Drives D and E.

      I will be able to Backup only drive C with Veeam

      I have created a Volume for Drive C, D, E and only this server.


      What is the best practice to backup and save this VM.


      Thanks for your help


        • Re: VMware, VM, Snapshots and VEEAM Backup&Replication

          Hi Roland,


          You can use VEEAM and Nimble backups/snapshots together, just not at the same time. What you can do is create a volume collection that synchronises with VMware (on the Nimble array). You can for example take a snapshot every hour. If you additionally want to use VEEAM (to make backups on a non-Nimble device for example) make sure that you're not doing Nimble snapshots during that time (simply modify the volume collection to exclude that time).