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MSsql zero copy clone databases

Question asked by David Andrew on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by Ian Noble

Hi All,

I'm a bit new to Nimble and VMWare, but really need the database clones for our reporting services.

What we are doing having the clone once a day and at worst a 15 minute window of downtime seems about right.


I've read a bit around the clones and remounting the disks, but there doesn't seem to be a end to end solution at the moment for remounting them in SQL.


What I would like to know is

Has anyone done all of this?

Any suggestions on best practice?

Any scripts that people can share, both SQL and VM/Storage.



Here is what I've read so far on automating the disk clone

Using PowerShell to provision Nimble Zero Copy Clone to ESXi server



windows 2012r2

MSSQL 2014(stanadard/enterprise etc TBA)

on VMWare 5.5


Daily Clones